unsorted links that have caught my interest at one point or another and may be useful in the future. - this is a trading journal site, if you put in all your trades it can give you statistics on them. I made a free account, but haven't really checked it out yet. - this site is supposed to give you some information on why a stock is getting halted. - example of someone that got a commission deal of 5.99 trades at e*trade - you can download a .csv list of all the stocks from the NASDAQ, NYSE, and AMEX - you can download a .csv list of all stocks listed in the OTC and Pink - is a trade tracking community run by tim sykes - a dude that made a couple million bucks starting with 12k trading penny stocks. it's free to join, for free you get to track your trades and see some simple stats on them, you can make blog posts, upload videos, and look at everyone else's trades, posts and videos... but to see tim's "premium" blog posts and videos and get his his trades in real time it costs money. There are some features of the site that will be disabled until you pay and there are links/ads everywhere to buy his videos and teaching products. Also of note, everyone that joins is automatically an affiliate, meaning they get paid a couple bucks if someone buys something with their link. It makes it difficult to tell if people are really giving a good review of something that helped them or if they are just hustlin' up some referral money.  But, that being said, click my link.  To this day I've still never gotten a referral, I guess I don't sell it hard enough. - Tim Sykes also recently created/developed his own custom stock scanning software called "stockstotrade" to rival the equityfeed program that a lot of hit "top students" were previously recommending, which of course he now highly encourages everyone to use, although at $150 $180 bucks a month, I haven't yet checked it out. - you can search for and read all of a company's sec filings here, completely free. - an internet based talk show led by tom sosnoff (daily trader with a net worth of ~$450 million) that teaches you how to trade options. they archive all their shows and videos there are thousands of hours of content to catch you up to speed. it's free to join, all the videos are free. it's pretty amazing. the only service I've seen for sale is called "bob" - which shows you all of tom's daily trades in real time. I haven't purchased it. Tom was also the creator of the thinkorswim platform, which ameritrade bought from him.  in 2017 they opened tastyworks... a new broker run by them that has really low commissions, especially great for the way they teach you how to trade in the videos. - I've been bombarded with ad's from this. I really have no idea what it actually is or know anyone that uses it.  At first glance, it seems like they are just a bigger and more polished version of the internet's "hottest" stock picks.  Haven't checked it out. - this site is also spamming me with ads. it's somehow on all my social media and adsense. according to the ad, the dude ross apparently turned ~500-600 dollars into 200k last year.  i briefly looked at the site, it looks they they have some sort of day trader training program that cost 5g's to get started. haven't checked it out. - supposedly a good, free, stock scanning website to help you search the market for stocks with particular price action. I've seen a lot of people recommend it, but I've not really used it yet. - after I first downloaded robinhood, I had no idea how to find stocks for less than 1.00.  This site was the first helpful site I found.  I literally googled "stocks under 1 dollar" and it popped up. I still to this day think it's inspiring and amazing to see that almost every day there are pretty consistently a couple stocks that are like 20%-300% winners. - earnings calendar. I've been looking for one of these. - found this site when trying to google to learn more about earnings... looks interesting, but haven't checked it out further. - supposedly a good free stock screener. I haven't checked it. - this is software that I've heard a lot of day traders use to find the stocks they trade every day. it cost about 200-300 bucks a month, depending on what services you buy. - free chatroom. This is another scanning software that a lot of day traders use to find the stocks they trade every day.  The cool thing about this place is you can go into their chatroom for free, and get an idea of what everyone is looking at for the day.  You won't be able to scan for things yourself without paying 200-300 a month for the software, but it is pretty cool sometimes to go observe the chatroom and see what everyone else's scanners are getting them excited about. - looks like a pretty active trading forum. could be cool. haven't really checked it out in too much depth. - a lot of people post info on what stocks they are looking at and sometimes some reasons why they are looking at them. useful in a couple of ways: 1.) you can start finding people whose advice you value and keep an eye on them, and 2.) you can sort of "poll the audience" and see what the world thinks of a particular stock.... maybe a position you are in, or an idea that you're mulling over and you want to see if anyone has something to say that you overlooked or didn't think about. - this is basically a stock themed twitter... it's useful in the same ways as twitter, just more wallstreet-centric. - I thought it was cool I found another person trying to do something similar to what I'm doing. good luck, brah - lol, although that being said, it's not like an original idea or anything. - "your boy sal" has a live call in stream every night to discuss penny stocks. I watched a couple of his videos, apparently he's some kind of stock promoter turned trader or something that got like 200k in business credit and used it to trade? I don't know if that's right or his whole story, either way he's pretty passionate and charismatic and makes a lot of videos.  i thought it was cool at first to hear some of the "behind the scenes" details of what stock promoters actually do, but as far as trading advice, I tracked a couple of his trade suggestions and nothing really exciting or insightful happened for me. haven't watched anymore - some troll from wsb... this is his personal blog, haven't checked it out - possibly a site to track shorts, there might be better places. - some dude that streams himself trading. know nothing else about it. - 27 year old dude that has made millions by "death spiraling" companies. - securities attourny who knows about death spirals - a seemingly decently comprehensive cik to ticker mapping - codebase on programmatically reading from edgar and parsing XBRL data - How To Download and Process SEC XBRL Data Directly from EDGAR. - scraping websites with python - highest quality full page web screenshots i've found - a complete os you can install on an os with locked down permissions to potentially give you a little more flexibility - syntax examples - not really sure what this is, a company that organizes sec data maybe? - penny stock scheme's site. i don't really understand the layout of this webpage, but it looks like it's updated daily. at some point i may circle back around and try to figure out what this guy is talking about. - this looks pretty bad ass. "Quantopian inspires talented people everywhere to write investment algorithms. Select authors may license their algorithms to us and get paid based on performance." Haven't had a chance to investigate beyond stumbling across their homepage, but definitely want to circle back around when I get some free time. - Martin Shkreli is that 33 year old dude that was in the news that bought all those aids drug companies and epi-pens and increased the price by like 5000%. although he says a lot of outrageous and ridiculous things in the news an on twitter, his presentation is really investor based, down to earth, logical and super interesting. - found shkrellz has a youtube channel with mad finance investing lessons, yo. this is pretty sweet - shkreli's investing google drive - documents and presentation files - google sheets keyboard shortcuts. helpful if following along with the lessons - NYU professor on value investing - warren buffet letters to shareholders - warren buffet's billionaire letters as to why they do charity - interesting read - academic paper on gambling and losing even with an edge - damn is this guy seriously charging $100 a pop for "custom thinkscripts" homeboy for real? "Josiah the thinkScript expert and in shower opera singer" registered 26-aug-2016...recent blog post "how to find your way around" the LOGIN SCREEN ...and remember kids, type your username in the box that says username... seriously, what is life right now? i suppose with gripping knowledge dropping articles like that we can get a better understanding of his ideal target market. - ameritrade is supposed to have an API, but it's apparently hard/high account minimums to get access - some kind of program that links excel to ameritrade - monitor realtime market data with excel - open source .net ameritrade client library - some sort of independent charing software company that might be using ameritrade's api - current fed discount rate, there is a link to an excel spreadsheet that shows all the historical data there as well. - corporate bond yeilds lookup - best one i've found so far - stock future earnings estimates - here you can view the minutes of the fed's meetings where they talk about their plans for the interest rates. They just raised interest rates .25% on 12/15/16. In the 2/1/1017 meeting they said: "many participants expressed the view that it might be appropriate to raise the federal funds rate again fairly soon."  Not unexpected, but good to know.  The next fed meeting is scheduled for 3/14/17. It will be a good day to watch the markets and see what goes down.  I read an internet article that said: The Fed could hike short-term rates two or three times in 2017, but it wants to raise them gradually to avoid dampening economic growth. In fact, it doesn’t expect to reach its preferred level of 3 percent for short-term rates until sometime in 2020." ....But they did not cite their source for this... I don't know where that info is coming form. Where are they getting their info on how many times the fed plans to hike the interest rate? (according to them 2 or 3 times) How do they know 3% is the fed's preferred interest rate? and where did they get that projected 2020 year? - free commission broker for us citizens, for which i have a love/hate relationship with - free commission broker for non-us citizens (canada), wish i could try it out - free commission broker for non-us citizens (bahamas), wish i could try it out - some sort of alternative market where you trade directly with other people and the founder is your counterparty (at NBBO) when no one else will trade, i heard this allows them to let you get around the pdt rule. Might be worth checking out once my account grows a bit, although you can't trade stocks under $1.00 (they hide them from the interface) and your max size is $10,000. - ustocktrade update... looks like they got in trouble and now have to enforce cash t+3 (or pdt) like everyone else. you now pay $1.00 per trade with a bunch of extra account limits (no stocks < $1.00, max trade of $10,000) as opposed to robinhood, which is cheaper (free) and with less limitations. I can't really see a compelling reason to check this out. - i believe this is the charting/data software a lot of pros and hedge funds use... it's 2 grand a month. likely not in the budget for most retail investors. - multiple monitor hardware - phone note: paid by the companies to spike pennys - phone note: paid by the companies to spike pennys - phone note: paid by the companies to spike pennys - phone note: paid by the companies to spike pennys - mturk not working... after registering, ~3 days later mturk finally sent me an approval email - 6 hours to make .30 cents.  Probably not worth it - ~20 minutes to make 30 cents and can be broken up into 2-5 minute intervals. I can definitely work with that. - some tips on maxing swagbucks - we know the lottery sucks, but this is important. the idea of the lottery is very motivating. we are purchasing that motivation. - daily codes for swagbucks - large cloud storage for videos - a site warren buffet goes to to put bets on long shot predictions. looks fun - manufactured spending? i didn't read the full article about what it is, but it sounds mildly interesting. - get paid for online parttime teaching - eric andre recommends this meditatation - possible way to pay bills with credit card - more info on points credit cards - send money - place to sell giftcards - some sort of new bitcoin thing, have to do more research - cashpirate guide, site to get paid for apps... might look into smeday - is online poker back? want to look more into this. - a site that has a lot of discounts or something - credit card number hider. - Free data for life. expired. - unlimited sprint internet

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